Mahatma Gandhi had once said that real India exists in rural India.If at all India has to develop, it should cater the needs of rural masses.There is lot of hidden talent in rural India.

In an attempt to fulfill the dream of the Father of the Nation we have established the engineering college at Wadwadi, in the vicinity of picturesque location of Engineering Marvel, Bhatgar Dam, with the state of art infrastructure necessary for the development of the students.

Lot of industries in various fields are coming up in the vicinity of our college at places like Shirval, Khandala, Mahad etc.With students graduating from our engineering college, there will be no dearth of engineers in this industrial area.

This is just the beginning of new era to strengthen the rural students & encourage them to serve the nation in the best possible way.

-Founder President
Hon. Rajeev Jagtap